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Kimono Hooded Towel
Cuddlepony Towel
Breastfeeding Cover
Cuddleswim Towel
Snuggledry Mat Liner
Baby On Board Mirror
Holy Bears
Nascar Bears

Beanies n Boyd’s seeks to offer the greatest selection of Ty and Boyd’s Bear products at the very best prices. We strive to be your one-stop shop for all your Ty and Boyd’s Bears needs. By carrying only new and unused items, we assure the passionate collector high quality products.
We seek to become the global standard for Ty retailers, offering our site to collectors in all countries connected to the Internet. We seek to make Ty and Boyd’s collecting accessible to everyone and more convenient for current collectors. No longer will collectors have to leave their homes to satisfy their collecting needs.
We continually update our site by adding features that help our growing customer base find what they are looking for effortlessly. We offer an email subscriber list which gives our collectors immediate updates on all the latest Beanie Baby and Boyd’s Bear news. Additionally, our specials page offers customers instant access to our best buys.
Founded by Carlos Salomon in 1995, Beanies n Boyd’s is a registered company headquartered in Florida. Beanies n Boyd’s was born to meet the demands of the ever growing Plush market and will continue to grow and improve its customer commitment.

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